Let’s Go Fishing!

mornings at IlocosFollow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.

~ Matthew 4:19 ~

In his book The Uttermost Star, F. W. Boreham quoted a rhyme that gives four tips on how to catch fish.

Be sure your face is toward the light; 

Study the fish’s curious ways;

Then keep yourself well out of sight,

And cherish patience all your days.

Boreham then applied the poem, line by line, to a Christian fishing for men.

He wrote, “Be sure your face is toward the light. The skillful angler will always be careful to see that the sun shines upon his face and that his shadows falls behind him…The only man who can hopefully angle for fish or for [people] is he of the radiant face, he of the shadow unseen!

Study the fish’s curious ways. Let no man think that he can become a successful angler by learning all about lines and hooks and rods and reels! He must study fish. He must know the things that please them, the things that repel them…He who would catch men must understand men!

Then keep yourself well out of sight. No man ever yet secured large catches, either of fish or men, who was fond of thrusting himself into inordinate prominence!

And cherish patience all your days. There will be times when you will have to wait for long, long periods without so much as a nibble; and you will be tempted to give it all up!…[but he who is patient] will enjoy the unspeakable rapture of the fisherman’s triumph at the last!”

Let’s go fishing!                                                                                                                    -R. W. D.

Rescue the perishing, duty demands it – 

Strength for your labor the Lord will provide;

Back to the narrow way patiently win them,

                                                  Tell the poor wanderer a Savior has died.                                          

– Crosby

Mend your nets with prayer, cast them in faith, and draw them with love.

Note: This devotional is from Our Daily Bread, posting this with their permission.


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One Response to Let’s Go Fishing!

  1. I’m celebrating my return to the ministry after taking a hiatus for quite some time. It’s been a month filled with encouragement and challenges.

    So allow me to share this devotion I have had read ages ago that I had it filed. Thanks to Our Daily Bread Ministries for allowing me to share this 🙂

    It is my prayer that it would encourage you too!

    Let’s go fishing 🙂

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