Foreign…Cats in Captivity

Tigers, the largest in the cat species and rank third behind polar bear and brown bear as largest land carnivore. Adults are territorial and lead solitary lives.

They establish and maintain home ranges too, which mainly depends on prey abundance. And in the case of male tigers, on access to females. The tigress’ may have a  territory of 20 km2 while that of males are much larger, covering 60 to 100 km2. (

So  tigers in captivity, no matter  how much I enjoyed seeing them up close, will always be foreign to me. I pray for the time that everything would be restored to its original blueprint. For now, I could  only  do so much to  play my part.


About xristinamaria

i am an amateur. french portrays me as someone who does something for the sheer love of it. a lover of arts: i shoot, read, write, sing, act and dance. now, i wordpress ",)
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One Response to Foreign…Cats in Captivity

  1. wow the angles are wonderful!

    Cristiane Santos.

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