blue in nature…

who can flee color?

reflect on nature, different shades is everywhere

much of our world now is painted blue so we’re told.

but i wouldn’t mind waking up with this view outside my window.

the color of the morning sky and the ocean

a fishing boat on the shoreline.

dawn so peaceful and tranquil rested my battered soul.

ushering all hopes and promises my heart so now yearn for.


About xristinamaria

i am an amateur. french portrays me as someone who does something for the sheer love of it. a lover of arts: i shoot, read, write, sing, act and dance. now, i wordpress ",)
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8 Responses to blue in nature…

  1. Beautiful blue! I love it 🙂

  2. JackieP says:


  3. this was taken last May 28 at Ilocos Norte…Bangui Bay up front & South China Sea beyond “,)

  4. Lovely! I wouldn’t mind that view out my window either…

  5. shail says:

    What a blue! I wouldn’t mind waking up to it either 🙂

  6. mightwar says:

    Such a view would have me jumping up and running outside to meet it. Just lovely.

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