that loud evening of a Cookie…a fan girl declaration

how did i became a Cookie?

let me count the ways.

he never really intended to try out for that show. he tagged along to cheer on an auditioning brother. as Hollywood fate would have it, he got in instead.

and he had me at the first note.

i loved this left-handed musician even more when he played his guitar.

if having an amazing voice, amazing like “he could sing the phone book and sound great at it” amazing is not enough, he writes music too!

oh, did i mention he’s a comic too? we sure got a guy with a dry sense of humor.

and while some rock stars waste away their talents and time chasing after the wind, he spent his on worthy causes. we’ve seen him race and raise for a reason.

then i got the chance to see him live!

men! he looked really good! and sounded just as good!

i did say he looked good. now, seldom do i get star-struck. on a meet and greet held a day before his show, i just stood there, glad to finally meet him.

come concert night, it proved to be a loud evening. me? i just sat there, oblivious to the crowd that screams, snaps photos, captures each set, dance and sing-along to the man.

(one of them was Ms. Vera Ruivivar, who i must thank for this awesome shot and the rest of the Cookistas whose labor of love you’d find posted online).

i savored that moment that i get to see this man and hear his music. one can’t help but love this man and his music. and i do. i really do.

and if given the chance, i’d be a fan girl all over again the next time he is in town…sometime next year perhaps, when he release his indie album?

so now, i declare that, i, xristinamaria, am a Cookie ‘coz i had the time of my life one loud July evening. and i’ve got David Cook to blame.

About xristinamaria

i am an amateur. french portrays me as someone who does something for the sheer love of it. a lover of arts: i shoot, read, write, sing, act and dance. now, i wordpress ",)
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2 Responses to that loud evening of a Cookie…a fan girl declaration

  1. kellygrace1 says:

    Is this the David Cook from Idol? He was great. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll check out his music.

    • Yes! He’s all that & more! Am I sounding like a fan girl? Sorry, can’t help myself. It’s been months since he was here but I still rave about him. Maybe because he’s Singapore -bound & I wanna watch! Just love the man & his music. Thanks Ms. Kellygrace “,)

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